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"They are family run. The whole staff was very compassionate, cared for my loved one and guided us through the whole process from beginning to end. Their prices were very fair, they took their time explaining everything and making sure everything went as planned. I completely trusted them. Thank you for making such a difficult time a little easier. God Bless You."  ~ Ruby Perez

"The Martinez family really knows how to take care of you in one of the worst times in your life. They were professional, kind, and very concerned. We had to unexpectedly change our large funeral to 1/4 of what we originally planned and they were very accommodating. The small room they have was perfect to host our brothers funeral. We came in early and were allowed to decorate as well as perform our own service. 
They truly treat you like family. Thank you Mrs. Martinez, Rosie and Anthony."  ~ Sonia V.

"This place, these people, there are no words. My sister and I lost our mom. We had never been through anything like this. We had no idea what we were doing. Everyone here really helped us through the worst time in our lives. Shortly after losing our mom we were back, as my sister lost her dad. And even though we had just went through this it was still so hard. The people at Martinez Family Funeral home were so amazing. Compassionate. Gentle. They really took care of us. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. You will never know how much your kindness meant to us."  ~ Mia B.

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